Paul Keller Trio

Paul Keller Trio

The Paul Keller Trio places a premium on three main goals: presenting well-organized music that reflects the ensemble of a big band within the trio context; indulging their individual muses with impressive improvisatory flights of creative fancy; and entertaining their loyal fans with an eclectic mix of familiar and not so familiar jazz repertoire.

Paul Keller, a prolific composer and arranger, provides much of the material for this popular band. Keller's incredible swing feel is rock solid and his virtuosic bass solos must be heard to be believed. Duncan McMillan's swinging and tasteful pianistic prowess is on prominent display. Sean Dobbins supplies high-energy rhythmic fireworks that propel this amazing trio's music into orbit!

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Paul Keller Trio

Paul Keller Trio is...

Paul Keller

Leader, String Bass

Duncan McMillan


Sean Dobbins


The Paul Keller Trio is Paul Keller (string bass), Duncan McMillan (piano) and Sean Dobbins (drums)